Couples Dance Lessons and Fitness Dance Tutorials

Online Dance Lessons.

Easy to follow dance videos allow you to learn the essentials of Partner Dancing and Dance Fitness from the comfort of your home!

Couple Swing Dancing

Partner Dance Tutorials

Learn How to Dance Online with Your Partner!

Start from the basics and learn how to dance a full couples dance sequence! Learn a slow & romantic dance and an upbeat & energetic dance. Two programs to choose (Level 1 & 2). Try it for a month, or stick to a weekly dance schedule and use this program as your practice guide!

Online Dance Fitness

Follow Guided Breakdowns and Dance to Hit Songs!

No dance partner? Not a problem. Follow Ashley through fun and exciting Dance Fitness routines! Practice breaking down routines and when you’re ready, put them together to popular songs! Inspired by stylish Latin dancing and designed for all ages and skill levels.


The Benefits of Dance


Dancing releases endorphins which gives you energy, anytime of day.

Strength Building

Dancing works many different muscles, including often less-used muscle groups.

Stress Relief

Dance reduces cortisol levels which is beneficial for many reasons, including reducing stress.

Mind & Memory

Dancing often improves brain function and boosts memory.

Music is Therapy

Music is therapeutic, and combined with dancing, provides added benefits.

Relax & Refresh

Life gets busy, so it’s good to take a break and do something fun, like dance!


What People Are Saying

“This was a great experience. Very laid back yet formal for beginners. Felt very positive during and after. Can’t wait to sign up for more lessons.”

Haley C.

“Both Adam and Ashley are amazing teachers! They made the entire learning process fun even when I was slightly terrified! I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their skills!”

Brady M.

“Great teachers who make everything simple and fun for everyone!! Great to get dance back in my life!! Thank you!!”

Emma S.


Join A Program Today!

couple swing dancing in hand hold

Partner Dancing Level 1

Learn the basics of partner dancing with the romantic Bachata and upbeat Swing. Follow instructional videos to learn the patterns and then put it all together into a fun dance sequence!

Only $19 (CAD) monthly!

couple dancing swing in frame

Partner Dancing Level 2

Build upon the skills developed in Level 1. Time for a bit more challenge! Learn NEW patterns in Bachata and Swing, and new sequences too!
Includes Level 1 Content

Only $29 (CAD) monthly!

lady dancing

Dance Fitness

Follow guided videos that break down sections of a dance. Follow Ashley as you dance to fun hit songs! Perfect for those dancing without a partner, or who want to burn some calories while dancing!

Only $29 (CAD) monthly!

couple dancing swing in frame

ALL ACCESS Membership

Enjoy access to the entire site with this monthly ALL ACCESS Membership!

Includes ALL Content:
Level 1 + Level 2
Dance Fitness 

Only $49 (CAD) monthly!
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